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Custom patterns for TRF-498 and TRF-598

TRF-498 and TRF-598 generators are provided with 64 standard and 5 user (custom) patterns. This article brings information, how to change this patterns. You can also find there links to our archive to download free user patterns. Complete archive of user patterns is delivered on „TRF Manager” disc.

How to move patterns into generator

Start „TRF Manager” tool, that enables you to upload user patterns from your PC via LPT port to generator. This tool is useful if you want to modify standard patterns, teletext, preselections and other, too.

TRF Manager is able to open pattern files (PNF extension), but moreover you can import bitmap files (BMP extension).

How to create new custom pattern

If you need your own pattern, you can design it using any graphic editor (like "PaintShopPro" on CD) and import as BMP file. This way is suitable for simple patterns or graphic, but if you need high precision patterns you should use "Pattern Creator" (included on CD "TRF Manager").

Pattern Creator is the tool for easy and time effective test pattern development. Pattern is created from predefined components and you can easy modify its properties. This way you are able to create any kind of pattern -from simple crosshatch to advanced monoscope. Moreover you can use components like "Sin wave", "+/-U", "+/-V", "G-Y=0" and other to create special TV signals. Using this tool you are able to create Anti-PAL patterns within 15 seconds!

How to order „TRF Manager” CD

Contact our office, please (e-mail).

Free user patterns

See our archive in Download section, where you can find free sets of custom patterns. Files are packed using WinZip.

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