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Video-TV-SAT & Multistandard Test Pattern Generator

TRF-900 cover all functions required by today's analog and tomorrow's digital television technology. Many functions, very high quality signals and intuitive operation hand in hand with programmability are main features of this new instrument. Modular concept and upgradable operating system guarantee that your system will be always up to date.


Generator is provided with large display and touch-panel.

  • Analog Video Generator (PAL,SECAM, NTSC and all substandards)
  • Teletext generator, Closed caption generator and VPS generator
  • TV & SAT RF modulators with PLL and Dual-Tone ID
  • Digital Video Stream Generator
  • Analog Video and Digital Video Analyzer
  • Two insulated power supplies (5 V & 0.25 A/ 3.3V & 0.25 A)
  • Insulated USB interface (USB 1.1, USB 2.0 compatible)
  • Modular concept, Expansion slot for future enhancement
  • Fully programmable & configurable from PC
  • Warranty 24 months, lifetime service
  • Available NOW!

Pattern preview
Number of available patterns is limited only by memory. All patterns are of user definable type.

Note: TRF-900 is supplied in several versions according to customer's request. In this versions some function may not be available. Check detail specification of the appropriate version, please. Some functions also require later issue of operating system or specialized application.


Instrument functionality can be very simply modified by firmware update. We also offer the firmware design on customer's request.

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