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TRF Manager 9


Closed Captions are often used in the USA and in countries where the NTSC system has tradition. Data are transferred in line 21 (SMPTE-525 line counting) by two bytes, and can be also sent in the equivalent line of the second field. There are available four channels for captions (CC1-4), four channels for text (T1-4) and channel for extended data services (XDS).

The Closed Captions editor can work with all the above mentioned channels. Designer can include texts, control codes or XDS packets. There is also available so called V-Chip function, i.e. XDS packet containing parental content advisories. Final design can be stored to file and then moved to generator memory by using the „Device” tool.

Closed Captions relation can be created by inserting predefined control codes, characters or XDS packets. Data are grouped by two bytes, as are transmitted within the televison line. Each data pair can be edited also on the low level, i.e. by bytes. When entering the values, decimal notation (255 for example) or one of the hexadecimal notations ($FF or 0xFF for example) can be used.

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