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TRF Manager 9


The tool Options enables the designer to create a file, that contain specific pattern generator settings. By using the „Device” tool, the settings is then moved to generator.

The tool works with four groups of options:
-Common (Basic settings, custom instrument name, startup settings, Screen Designer etc.)
-Video (PAL, SECAM and NTSC system setup and calibration, frequency of color subcarriers, burst parameters, black and blanking levels, etc.)
-Services (VPS parameters, lines dedicated to teletext data, picture format signalling)
-RF Channels (Channel tables for RF modulators)

The Screen Designer (see the image above) is suitable for custom screen design. By using this editor, the application most important items can be placed on display and then used for direct value settings without need of menu access. There can be up to 8 screens designed and the switching is free to user according to current situation.

Group Video enables the designer to adjust PAL, SECAM and NTSC specific properties and make instrument calibration. The designer can also set up to eight color subcarrier frequencies and attach it as default to PAL, NTSC or SECAM. when working with generator, the user can change the color subcarrier frequency to any value given by item 0 to 7.

Group RF Channels contain tables, that defines channels by the name and frequency. The RF modulator carrier frequency can thus be set directly by value in MHz, or by channels from currently enabled table.

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