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TRF Manager 9


Our pattern generators also greatly support the teletext transmission. Some types can even work with several relations, that can be switched by user or automatically. By using the visual editor, there is no problem to design set of custom teletext pages ready for direct transmission in a few minutes. And when packet editor is used, also special objects can be inserted.

The TRF-95x pattern generators prefer the TRF Manager files, but can work also with raw binary teletext data. Currently are supported all the most world applied systems:
-Enhanced Teletext (ETS300706, 6.9375 Mb/s)
-World Standard Teletext (WST, 5.7272 Mb/s)
-North-American Broadcast Text System (NABTS, 5.7272 Mb/s)

Teletext can be edited either by visual editor, by packet editor or at the low level directly by bytes. The editor support a lof of languages defined by ETS300706 and color graphics.

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